Lift information systems
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Briefly about the Lift Information System 2LiS
The Lift Information System project is intended for service organizations. The purpose of the system is to control the work of the service personnel and monitor the quality of the work of the elevators. The program integrates with remote monitoring systems and accumulates data. The information obtained can be used to make management decisions or to report to elevator owners.
2LiS is an information system for elevator organizations. The name 2LiS comes from the sum of two abbreviations: "Lift Information System" and "Lifts and Service". The prototype of 2LiS is the LIS program, which won the Project of the Year competition for CIOs in 2015. Unlike its predecessor, 2LiS is implemented on the popular 1C 8.3 platform and has much more features. Currently, the 2LiS project is in the MVP stage.
2LiS features
  • Maintaining an electronic passport of the lift: technical characteristics, service history, failures, downtime, operation and consumption of spare parts
  • Production control of lifts
  • Technical examination, fastening of elevators, insurance of elevators, maintenance schedules, accounting of elevator inspections
  • Accounting for the consumption of spare parts
  • Incident knowledge base maintenance
  • Control and accounting of staff work time
  • Assessment of employee performanceMaintaining employee history cards
  • Accounting for employees' training, certification and medical examination
  • Accounting for tools and PPE issued to employees
Communication equipment
  • Accounting and control of dispatching equipment, switches and communication providers
  • Analysis of the operation of communication equipmen
Emergency service
  • Registration of requests, calls and downtime of elevators
  • Control over the execution of applications
  • Fleet management: accounting of vehicles, registration of departures, accounting of maintenance and repair of vehicles, accounting of fuel consumption
Integration and access
  • Access to 2LiS over the Internet
  • Flexible configuration of data access
  • Calculation of the cost of maintenance and repair of each elevator
  • Calculation of bonus payments to personnel
Work with clients
  • Customer and Community Relationship Management
  • Contractual work with elevator owners
  • Ability to create reports and graphs for management, staff and elevator owners on all data in 2LiS
  • Providing reports in popular formats
  • Information table
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